After graduating from San Francisco State University with a BA in Electronic Music Composition, Conchita Campos moved to NY in 2004. She has released two albums, both heavily influenced by soul, jazz and bossa nova, and her new project, Little Shells, was just released in April 2015. Taking its name from the literal English translation of Conchita, Little Shells is a collaboration between Campos and other NYC-based artists and musicians. It's a departure from the more soulful-sounding personal narratives of her previous work, exploring broader themes while expanding her artistic playground with new sights and sounds. While you can expect to hear the same vulnerable melodies Campos is known for, she introduces new sonic and thematic elements into her musical realm. With the help of producer and friend Jon Jetter and an incredibly talented group of artists and musicians -- from Brooklyn electronic duo Live Footage to Jordan Mclean of the afro-beat group Antibalas to Randy Bergida of The Letter Yellow and more -- Campos' vision of creating a sonic landscape that attempts to transport the listener to otherworldly experiences was made possible. 

Apart from music, Campos enjoys collaborating with friends on various creative endeavors, from fundraising events to short films to cultural commentary. She teamed up with her husband's Brooklyn design studio DUPO and actor/writer/director Mtume Gant (HBO's OzSpit) on her first music video Ease My Mind, a short film vignette about loss and yearning in a post-apocalyptic world. The team reunited once again to create the mood for the music video release of 5 Deep Under, a Butoh inspired piece exploring the burden of existence. These days, Campos is focused on writing music for film and video but you every now and then, you can catch her performing Bossa Nova and Tropicalia music around the city.